πŸ’– YSL.IO Protocol
Sophisticated DeFi farming techniques, amplified crypto returns and the maximisation of locked liquidity. This is the mission of the YSL.IO protocol!
The YSL.IO smart contracts were deployed onto the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a diverse and growing digital asset ecosystem powered by the Binance decentralized exchange. The principal factor BSC was chosen as a prime location for the YSL.IO smart contracts, is the lower relative cost associated with gas fees. As a result, the protocol will have the capability to make more interactions and perform far more elaborate techniques than would have been possible on the Ethereum chain.
The YSL.IO protocol challenges the status quo by having a completely unique approach to yield farming, that is fuelled by the creation of YSL-BUSD locked liquidity. More importantly, it has been designed to be cost-efficient from a users perspective, with the platform featuring Zero Performance Fees, Zero Deposit Fees and Zero Withdrawal Fees. This not only provides the user with ultimate flexibility but also makes it extremely easy for a user to benefit from the YSL.IO protocol; simply deposit LP tokens from a Decentralised Automated Market Maker (AMM) into any active vault and our protocol will handle all the heavy lifting of maximising the returns of a farming position, it's that simple! β€Œ
At launch, YSL.IO will offer vaults for LP tokens from ApeSwap Finance and PancakeSwap, with plans to add other platforms such as Biswap, Venus Protocol, Belt Finance, and bZx Network in the near future.
The YSL.IO protocol has been developed with two core functions of optimisation and amplification. The unique optimisation function offered by YSL.IO is capable of maximising the yields of AMMs by 300% whilst autonomously creating 200% of locked liquidity. The protocol also features an amplification function, comprised of Strategy 1 and 2. Strategy 1 works in conjunction with the Referral Program, whereby when a new user connects to YSL.IO via a Referral Link the protocol will activate Strategy 1 Amplification. This results in the new user obtaining a yield amplification of 305% and the referrer receiving Referral Rewards in the form of sYSL tokens. Strategy 2 will be activated by the protocol when a user holds an aYSL balance equivalent to at least 10% of their TVL on YSL.IO. Upon activation, the protocol will provide the user with a yield amplification of 325% whilst creating 220% in YSL-BUSD locked liquidity!

Learn about YSL.IO Optimisation and YSL.IO Amplification​

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