πŸš€ YSL.IO Optimisation
YSL.IO is capable of maximising a DeFi users return by up to 1000%!
Unlike traditional optimisers, the YSL.IO protocol has been designed to maximise returns through the creation of YSL-BUSD locked liquidity and has the capability of optimising positions held by users on AMMs (such as ApeSwap Finance or PancakeSwap) by up to 1000%!
βœ… CAKE vault - 1000% Optimisation Multiplier
βœ… BANANA vault - 400% Optimisation Multiplier
βœ… All other vaults - 300% Optimisation Multiplier
To benefit from YSL.IO Optimisation, a user simply needs to deposit their LP tokens (Zero Deposit Fees) into any corresponding vault held on YSL.IO. The protocol will subsequently auto-harvest and compound returns for the user on a daily basis. Please note, the protocols optimisation function excludes the sYSL, xYSL, YSL-BUSD, sYSL-BUSD and xYSL-BUSD vaults.
When the user decides to harvest their position, the protocol will first create YSL-BUSD locked liquidity and subsequently generate sYSL Rewards for the user. The amount of sYSL Rewards will be equivalent to the Compounded Returns generated on the user's position multiplied by the applicable Optimisation Multiplier.
The amount of sYSL Rewards will vary dependent upon the APR(%) of the third-party token being compounded and its underlying value at the time of harvest. The minted sYSL Rewards will then be sent to the vesting contract, where they will be released to the user linearly over a period of 180 days. Vested sYSL tokens can subsequently be staked by the user in the sYSL vault to earn a share of the Liquidity Mining Rewards!
The process is outlined below:
βœ… Step 1: User deposits LP Tokens
  • User deposits their LP tokens into any vault held on YSL.IO with Zero Deposit Fees.
  • The protocol will then optimise the user's third-party tokens (eg. BANANA).
βœ… Step 2: Controller Fee and Optimisation Tax collected daily
  • To perform the optimisation a Controller Fee will be deducted daily from the APR (%).
    • This fee will vary from 0.3% to 1% and will be converted into BNB to cover gas-related costs incurred by the protocol.
  • 15% of the remaining token APR (%) is collected daily as an Optimisation Tax.
    • The collected tokens are immediately converted by the protocol into BUSD.
    • The sum total of BUSD is then split, with 5% being used to create YSL-BUSD locked liquidity, and 10% being used to purchase and burn the xYSL token.
βœ… Step 3: Users position is compounded daily
  • The remaining token APR (%) will be harvested daily by the protocol and deposited back into the third-party platform, with the protocol holding ownership on the newly minted LP tokens received in exchange.
  • The value (in dollar terms) of the compounded third-party tokens will then be displayed on the user's YSL.IO vault with the Optimisation Multiplier applied.
  • The value (in dollar terms) displayed on the vault interface (sYSL rewards) will only be provided to the user in the form of sYSL tokens when the user performs a vault harvest.

What happens when a user harvests their position?

βœ… Step 1: YSL-BUSD Locked Liquidity is created
  • When a user decides to harvest their sYSL rewards by calling upon the harvest function, the protocol will first create locked liquidity.
  • To do this, the protocol will exchange the Compounded Returns into BUSD.
    • Please note: slippage may result in a lower amount of BUSD being acquired due to the price impact of the third-party token being exchanged.
  • 100% of the acquired BUSD will be matched, with an equivalent value of YSL tokens being minted by the protocol, creating 200% of YSL-BUSD liquidity.
  • The sum total is then sent to the YSL-BUSD pool (ApeSwap), with all the LP tokens being subsequently deposited into the locked liquidity contract for a predetermined period of 1000 years.
βœ… Step 2: sYSL Rewards are generated for the user
  • sYSL Rewards are only minted when the harvest function is called upon by the user.
  • The minted sYSL Rewards will be dependent upon the value of the Compounded Returns generated by the user's position and the Optimisation Multiplier applicable to the vault.
  • When a user decides to call the harvest function, the protocol will first create locked liquidity as outlined in the step above. Following this, sYSL Rewards are minted and immediately sent by the protocol to the vesting contract.
  • The user will then receive their sYSL Rewards linearly on each block over a period of 180 days.

πŸ‘‰ Read our BIG (Busy Investor Guide) to learn more about YSL.IO Optimisation!

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