🎁 YSL.IO Block Rewards
Liquidity Mining Rewards are minted daily and distributed upon the completion of each new block.
Distribution of Liquidity Mining Rewards
Each day the protocol will mint 500 sYSL tokens for distribution as Liquidity Mining Rewards.
These rewards are allocated to the sYSL-BUSD vault (200 sYSL), xYSL-BUSD vault (150 sYSL) sYSL vault (100 sYSL) and xYSL vault (50 sYSL).
  • The 200 sYSL tokens distributed to the sYSL-BUSD vault will be split 50:50, with ApeSwap Finance LPs receiving 100 sYSL and PancakeSwap LPs receiving an allocation of 100 sYSL.
  • Each participant of the sYSL, sYSL-BUSD, xYSL and xYSL-BUSD vaults will receive a share of the minted sYSL tokens based upon their TVL held within the vaults at the time of each new block.
  • In addition to the Liquidity Mining Rewards, each day the protocol will also mint 200 sYSL tokens for distribution to the YSL.IO team to cover ongoing operational expenses. These expenses include remuneration paid to blockchain developers and UI/UX designers, costs associated with auditing the smart contracts, marketing expenditure, and social media management costs.

Please note: A 180-Day Vesting Period is applicable for harvested block rewards

Harvested block rewards will be subject to a 180-day vesting period, whereby they will be sent to the vesting contract and will be unlocked linearly on each block over a period of 180 days.

πŸ‘‰ Read our article on Liquidity Farming to learn more about YSL.IO Block Rewards!

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