V2 Launch Procedure
PeckShield is currently in the midst of finalising the final audit report for our V2 contracts. Once complete, it’s just a matter of rolling out each element of V2 and ensuring the benefits are communicated effectively.
That's why we have put together a comprehensive action plan that involves launching key features of our ecosystem in separate phases rather than all at once. We’re confident that this staggered approach will not only help generate excitement but will also streamline our launch efforts to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. It’s a win-win!
Each of the phases has been carefully thought out, to ensure momentum builds throughout the launch while also ensuring everyone gets ample time to learn what makes V2 unique and assess the value each feature has to offer.

1️⃣ Phase 1 // Focus: Education & Awareness ⚑

2️⃣ Phase 2 // Focus: YSL.IO Liquidity 🌊

  • YSL.IO Token Contracts (YSL, xYSL, USDy & BSHARE) Deployed
  • YSL-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap: YSL - $5 listing price
  • xYSL-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap: xYSL - $120 listing price
  • USDy-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap: USDy - $1 listing price
  • BSHARE-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap: BSHARE - $1 listing price
  • ​HydraVaults Deployed - ETA: 21/09/22
  • ​USDy AceVault Deployed
  • Partner Marketing

3️⃣Phase 3 // Focus: YSL.IO Token Vaults πŸ’Ž

4️⃣ Phase 4 // Focus: AMM Single Token Vaults πŸ₯ž

5️⃣ Phase 5 // Focus: AMM Liquidity Pair Vaults ✨

  • Liquidity Pair MetaVaults Deployed - ApeSwap, PancakeSwap and Biswap
  • Fiat On-Ramp Integration

6️⃣ Phase 6 // Focus: YSL.IO Ecosystem Growth πŸš€

  • Second Audit Performed - β€ŠCertiK
  • Growth campaigns (Marketing/AdSpend/Partnerships)