At YSL.IO, we believe that transparency is key. That's why we're committed to being as open and honest as possible with our community. One of the ways we do this is by clearly explaining how the team benefits from V2 and where/when fees are deducted.
Every decision we make is geared toward ensuring the growth of the YSL.IO ecosystem, and we pride ourselves on being a protocol that puts the community first. That's why we've made it a priority to only earn income in ways that are directly tied to the success of the protocol.
We've achieved this by ensuring that the team only receives BUSD from areas that reflect the overall success of the protocol. This includes the purchase of bYSL and various protocol components, including the SuperNova, Phoenix NFT and Referral Program.
We believe that this approach is the best way to build a robust, sustainable ecosystem and align our interests with those of the community to ensure we’re all working towards the same goal - making YSL.IO the best it can be.
👉 How the team benefits from the success of V2
There is no founder/team/partner allocation of bYSL, USDy, xBUSD or BSHARE. The only tokens held by the team will be YSL and xYSL V2 which are carried over from V1 sYSL and xYSL V1 respectively.

Protocol Fees and Taxes


  • ​Deposit Fee -> This fee applies to all AceVaults, and will be used to increase the vaults perpetual ratio.
  • ​USDy AceVault Withdrawal Fee -> This fee only applies to the USDy AceVault, and will be used to increase the vaults perpetual ratio.


  • ​Deposit Fee -> This fee applies to all HydraVaults, and will be used to increase the vaults perpetual ratio.


  • ​Deposit Fee -> This will vary depending on the level selected by the user, and will be sent to the referral contract as well as to increase the vaults perpetual ratio.
  • ​Ecosystem Allocation -> This is not a fee as the user will be receiving an equivalent value of BSHARE as adequation.
  • ​$50 Controller Fee -> Deducted every 8 hours from rehypothecation of vault assets. $50 worth of BNB is collected every 8 hours when the protocol performs the rehypothecation process. This fee will be deducted from the cumulative APR acquired from all MetaVaults. The share of the controller fee that is applicable for each vault will vary depending on the vaults TVL in comparison to the total TVL of the platform. For example, lets say the CAKE MetaVault has a TVL of $2,000,000 and the total TVL across all our MetaVaults is $10,000,000, this would mean $10 worth of BNB will be deducted from the rehypothecation of the CAKE MetaVault assets ($2mil/$10mil * $50).

Token Taxes

  • ​YSL.IO Token Taxes -> Find a complete breakdown of our token taxes and how the revenue is redeployed.

Referral Program

  • ​30% Claim Fee -> When a referrer claims BUSD rewards, there will be a 30% claim fee applicable, this will be sent to the team.