Phase 4 - YSL V2 Airdrop

We've built V2 from the ground up, with brand new code and contracts. In other words, none of the code from V1 has been used in the development of V2 and none of our V1 contracts are being carried over to V2. As a result, our V1 tokens - sYSL (V1 reward and governance token) and YSL (V1 utility token) - will no longer be part of our ecosystem.
That's why we have allocated an airdrop of YSL V2 to eligible YSL, sYSL, sYSL-BUSD LP and YSL-BUSD LP holders from V1. The snapshot of eligible balances has already been performed and all addresses that were captured will be able to claim their airdrop allocation of our new governance token for V2 - known as YSL.

The snapshot only includes eligible YSL V1 & sYSL V1 balances:

  • sYSL and sYSL-BUSD LP -> held before Dec 1st 2021 (11:00:00 pm UTC)
  • YSL and YSL-BUSD LP -> held before Dec 2nd 2021 (7:42:21 am UTC)
The airdrop will occur in Phase 4 of our V2 launch. In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about YSL and its many benefits.

Key benefits of YSL include: