Phase 4 - xYSL Migration

xYSL V1 holders will be able to migrate their unlocked xYSL to V2 via the migration contract.

How will the xYSL Migration work?

  • We have created a migration contract that will mint xYSL V2 when a user transfers their xYSL V1 tokens. The migration contract will be operational for a period of 1500 days, after which it will stop accepting xYSL V1.
  • All tokens that have not been claimed during the 1500 days will be sent to the burn address and removed from the supply forever.

What will be the supply of xYSL V2?

  • The migration contract will only be able to mint a limited amount xYSL V2. This amount will take into consideration xYSL V1 that has already been burnt and the xYSL V2 that has been minted to fuel the liquidity propulsion of xYSL V2.
  • xYSL V2 able to be minted by migration contract = 80,000 xYSL V1 max supply - (xYSL V1 balance held on V1 burn addresses + allocation of xYSL V2 minted for liquidity propulsion)
  • The initial allocation minted for the liquidity propulsion event will be based on the xYSL portion that is held currently held in the PancakeSwap liquidity pool (this will only be available for a limited period and can be burnt in the future).

How do I migrate my xYSL V1?

  • Holders of unlocked xYSL V1 will simply need to send their xYSL V1 tokens to the migration contract and subsequently claim their xYSL V2 tokens.
  • Holders of locked xYSL V1 will need to wait until their xYSL V1 tokens become unlocked before migrating to V2. The migration contract will be operational for a period of 1500 days, which provides ample time for users waiting for their xYSL V1 tokens to become unlocked.

xYSL Arbitrage Opportunity

  • As any seasoned investor knows, arbitrage opportunities are not to be missed. And with the upcoming migration of xYSL V1 to V2, there's an opportunity to snag some xYSL V1 at a lower cost during the Migration Process. This is due to the fact that xYSL V2 will be listed at $120 when it goes live in Phase 2.
  • However, please be aware that all holders of xYSL V2 will be subject to the protocols Liquidity Stability Model (LSM). So if you're thinking of taking advantage of this arbitrage opportunity, just be aware that you must be willing to hold on to your xYSL V2 for a little while if you plan on selling 100% of your balance. Having said that, you could take advantage of the xYSL AceVault once it's launched to earn rewards while you wait!

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