Phase 2 - Liquidity Propulsion

Take part in our Liquidity Propulsion Event and obtain an 80% bonus on your deposit!
Are you looking for a great opportunity? Well, look no further than our Liquidity Propulsion Event!
For a limited time during Phase 2, you can receive a massive 80% bonus on all deposits made into a HydraVault. But you'll need to be quick, this offer won't last forever. There will only be allocated a limited amount of pre-minted tokens for the event, and once they're gone, they're gone.
During the event, any BUSD that is deposited into either the YSL-BUSD, xYSL-BUSD or BSHARE-BUSD HydraVaults will be eligible for an 80% bonus in USDy. That's right - for every BUSD deposit, you'll receive 1.8x USDy in return. And there's no need to worry about locks or anything like that - you're free to withdraw your entire USDy balance at any time. But, if you choose to keep your USDy in the HydraVault, you'll earn Virtue-Rewards every 8 hours and your USDy balance will continue to grow as more deposits are made thanks to our Perpetual Ratio.
Sounds pretty complicated but in reality, it's quite simple. Deposit BUSD and you'll be handsomely rewarded with USDy for playing an important role in growing the liquidity of our ecosystem.
  • Our protocols unique asset utilisation algorithm will utilise the BUSD you provide to create protocol-owned liquidity for USDy-BUSD as well as liquidity for that specific HydraVault pair. For example, if you deposit BUSD into our YSL-BUSD HydraVault you'd be helping to create protocol-owned liquidity for both USDy-BUSD and YSL-BUSD!
While the event is active, the protocol will mint USDy at a rate of 200%, which means once the mandatory 10% deposit fee is deducted, you'll be left with USDy equivalent to 180% of your BUSD deposit!
👉 Example: 180% Bonus during the Liquidity Propulsion Phase

What is the purpose of the Liquidity Propulsion Event?

  • To help accelerate the growth of our protocol-owned liquidity, we're offering an 80% bonus for anyone who deposits BUSD into a HydraVault during our Liquidity Propulsion Event.
  • This is possible because we have a pre-minted allocation of tokens that we're using specifically for this purpose. That way, 100% of the BUSD provided can be paired with an equivalent value of pre-minted tokens and added as liquidity.

How do I participate in the Liquidity Propulsion Event?

  • You will need to wait for Phase 2, which is when we'll be launching our HydraVaults.
  • By depositing BUSD into any HydraVault during the Liquidity Propulsion Event, you'll obtain a balance of USDy in the vault equivalent to 180% of the BUSD you provided (that's after taking into consideration the 10% deposit fee) - that's right an 80% bonus on your deposit.
  • All minted USDy that you receive will not be subject to any locks, including the 80% bonus. This means you'll be free to withdraw the entire balance of USDy at any time.
  • But, if you do you choose to keep your USDy balance in the HydraVault you'll not only benefit from Virtue-Rewards every 8 hours but your balance will continue to grow as more deposits are made thanks to our Perpetual Ratio!
  • Alternatively, you could withdraw your USDy balance and deposit into the USDy AceVault (10% deposit fee applies) to take advantage of its 0.2% compounded returns per epoch - the choice is yours!

When does the Liquidity Propulsion Event end?

  • The event will only run for a limited period depending on the demand and the supply of tokens.
  • The amount of pre-minted tokens allocated to each HydraVault varies, so it's possible that one HydraVault will deplete its supply at a greater rate than another.
  • Once the pre-minted allocation for a HydraVault has been used up, the deposit process will revert to the standard model and no longer provide an 80% bonus. As a result, it's important to keep an eye on the demand for each HydraVault and plan your deposits accordingly.

How many tokens have been pre-minted for the Liquidity Propulsion Event?

  • Only three of our four HydraVaults will have a limited supply of pre-minted tokens, so you'll want to act fast when the event goes live to obtain the 80% bonus.
    • ​YSL-BUSD -> pre-minted allocation of 65,348 YSL
    • ​xYSL-BUSD -> pre-minted allocation of 4,785 xYSL
    • ​BSHARE-BUSD -> pre-minted allocation of 500,000 BSHARE
👉 YSL-BUSD HydraVault Pre-Minted Allocation: 65,348 YSL
👉 xYSL-BUSD HydraVault Pre-Minted Allocation: 4,785 xYSL
👉 BSHARE -BUSD HydraVault Pre-Minted Allocation: 500,000 BSHARE