A digital fortress for liquidity that offers multiple layers of protection!
Introducing our Treasury Contract - it's tougher than a tank, and more secure than Fort Knox. If you're anything like us, you're a fan of a good security system. And that's exactly what our treasury contract is - a digital fortress that's tough as nails. Our protocol generates a ton of Treasury-Owned Liquidity, and we need a safe place to store it all. That's where the Treasury Contract comes in. It's like a Citadel, keeping all of our LP tokens safe and sound, and holding the USDC that serves as a backstop for YSL.
Now, we know what you're thinking - "How secure is this digital fortress?" The answer is simple: it's very secure. We've custom-built the treasury contract to be as secure as possible by ensuring only pre-approved on-chain smart contracts can interact with it, so there's no chance of external manipulation. And BEP-20 wallet addresses won't be able to interact directly with the contract either. It's like a safe within a safe - double the security, double the protection!
But we didn't stop there. We've also added an extra layer of defence to take things up a notch - the Protective Outer-Layer (POL). This caps the amount of USDC accessible at any given time to 10%, providing peace of mind that even if the contract is breached, the consequences will be limited. It's like a gatekeeper that ensures no one gets too greedy and destabilizes the ecosystem, while protecting the bulk of treasury-held USDC from manipulation.
We've covered all the bases with our multi-layered approach to security, so you can rest easy knowing that all treasury-held USDC and treasury-owned liquidity are secure and insulated from any possible external manipulation.
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