Quantum Buy-Back

What is the Quantum Buy-Back and its benefits?

Most of our key protocol functions are triggered and performed in 8-hour intervals, known as an epoch. One of these epoch-based functions will be our Quantum Buy-Back that's performed by our protocols unique asset-utilization algorithm. It represents an integral component of our ecosystem, enabling MetaVault participants to earn at scale while also ensuring there's a consistent influx of value being redeployed back into our ecosystem!
Before our protocol can initiate the Quantum Buy-Back, it must first acquire BUSD through the rehypothecation process. This entails harvesting rewards from all MetaValut assets (PancakeSwap and Biswap) and exchanging them for BUSD. Once a controller fee ($50 BNB) has been deducted by the protocol, 100% of the remaining BUSD will be used to perform the Quantum Buy-Back. This will require the protocol to market buy YSL with 25% of the BUSD and market buy xYSL with 25% of the BUSD, with the remaining 50% of the BUSD being sent to the treasury contract.
For YSL and xYSL holders, the Quantum Buy-Back is a real win-win situation. Not only will there be constant buy pressure every 8 hours regardless of trading activity, but it also reduces the circulating supply for both tokens while providing a significant boost to the YSL and xYSL AceVault Perpetual Ratios!
  • The benefit of the Quantum Buy-Back for YSL and xYSL AceVault participants is twofold; Not only will the AceVault ratios increase when 50% of the YSL and xYSL acquired from the buy-back are distributed to the vaults, but the ratios will also increase due to the tokens acquired from the transaction taxes that were applicable during the buy-back.
But that's not all - the winners of our SuperNova lottery will also benefit as they will be receiving the remaining 50% of YSL and xYSL as part of their prize basket. And if that wasn't enough, bYSL holders will also benefit from Quantum Buy-Back when the protocol sends BUSD to the treasury contract - when the balance of treasury-held BUSD increases, so will the value of bYSL.

Every 8 hours, the Quantum Buy-Back will stimulate critical aspects of the ecosystem:

  • ​YSL AceVault -> Participants will benefit from the vaults Perpetual Ratio increasing.
  • ​xYSL AceVault -> Participants will benefit from the vaults Perpetual Ratio increasing.
  • ​xYSL Transaction Burn -> The supply will decrease when the protocol market buys xYSL.
  • ​Treasury-held BUSD -> bYSL holders will benefit from the increase of Treasury-held BUSD.
  • ​SuperNova -> Both lottery prize winners receive YSL and xYSL as part of the prize basket.