Phoenix Ape NFT

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to USDC Rewards!
Introducing the Phoenix Ape NFT – perfect for anyone tired of boring NFTs with no earning potential. If you're looking for something unique, valuable, and downright innovative, look no further. With only 500 available for purchase, you'll want to act fast and secure your own one-of-a-kind collectible for just 2500 USDC.
But why should you invest in a Phoenix Ape NFT? For starters, you'll be able to bypass the Sigma Exit Rate and sell up to 100% of your bYSL, xYSL, or USDy balance whenever you like. That means no more restrictions or limitations holding you back – you're free to sell as much or as little of your bYSL, xYSL, or USDy as you'd like!
But wait, there's more! The Phoenix Ape NFT also offers a unique rental mechanism, allowing you to rent out your NFT at a specified USDC price for a set number of days. And if your renter decides not to extend their rental during the grace period, your NFT will be returned to you – it’s that simple. Renting out your NFT doesn't just benefit you – it also contributes to the stability of the USDy token through the creation of LP tokens that will be utilised for the USDy Incentive Buyback (UIB) mechanism. You'll earn USDC while helping to strengthen our ecosystem as a whole – it's a win-win!
How does this work? Well, a portion of your rental income will be collected as a tax. This tax will then be used to create USDy-USDC Treasury-Owned Liquidity, with the remainder of the tax being distributed to all NFT holders as a claimable USDC reward at the end of each 8-hour epoch. That's right - by simply holding a Phoenix Ape NFT, you'll be eligible for claimable USDC rewards every 8 hours. The more NFTs you hold, the bigger your slice of the pie!
But what about security? We've got you covered. The Phoenix Ape NFT contract is designed to be upgradeable and includes block restrictions, as well as a maintenance state. Plus, the contract can only interact with whitelisted external smart contracts, ensuring your NFT is safe and secure. OpenSea is one of the whitelisted external smart contracts, which means you’ll be able to trade your NFT on the OpenSea Marketplace after it's been minted on YSL.IO.
We take security seriously and want to ensure our users can interact with our NFTs with complete peace of mind. So if there's ever an issue with a compromised address, our team has a blacklist function and the ability to either reclaim ownership or burn the NFTs held by the blacklisted address. But don’t worry, this can only happen if the address was reported by the community and its compromised status has been confirmed.
So what are you waiting for? Don't settle for boring NFTs that lack utility and earning potential - grab a Phoenix Ape NFT today and say goodbye to restrictions and hello to USDC rewards!
Please Note:
  • There will be a total of 520 Phoenix Ape NFTs, with only 500 available for purchase and 20 pre-minted for the purpose of giveaways.
  • But here's the catch: at launch, only 100 will be up for grabs. That's right, just 100! Once those are sold, you'll have to wait for each 8-hour epoch to snag yourself one of these rare NFTs. So, you better act fast and grab one before they're gone!
  • The Phoenix Ape NFT will be subject to the Weekly Outbound Quota.

An Exclusive Opportunity for NFT Holders

◽️ Limited Collectible

  • The Phoenix Ape NFT is an exclusive digital collectible with only a 520 total supply. Priced at 2500 USDC, these rare NFTs offer a unique opportunity for collectors and investors who are looking for a valuable and innovative digital asset.

◽️ Claimable USDC Rewards

  • When a Phoenix Ape NFT is rented through the YSL.IO marketplace, a portion of the user's rental income is collected as tax. Combined with a share of royalty taxes from OpenSea, these earnings are then distributed among all Phoenix Ape NFT holders as USDC rewards on the BNB Chain at the end of each 8-hour epoch. These USDC rewards will be available for holders to claim at the end of each 8-hour epoch.
  • And here's the cherry on top: even if a user decides to bridge their Phoenix NFT from the BNB chain to amplify burns with Xenify on another chain, they'll still be eligible for the USDC distribution. In simpler terms, the claimable USDC rewards on the BNB Chain will be reserved for all addresses that hold the Phoenix Ape NFT, regardless of whether they bridge utility to another chain.

◽️ Unique Rental Mechanism

  • The Phoenix Ape NFT features a one-of-a-kind rental mechanism that empowers BNB Chain holders to lease their NFT at a predetermined USDC price for a specific duration. By opting to rent out their Phoenix Ape NFT, users actively contribute to the generation of LP tokens utilised by the YSL.IO protocol for the USDy Incentive Buyback (UIB) mechanism. This groundbreaking model not only ensures the stability of the USDy token but also plays a pivotal role in fostering the overall health of the YSL.IO ecosystem.
  • Moreover, Phoenix Ape NFT holders on the BNB Chain who choose not to rent out their NFT still reap the benefits of this exceptional rental mechanism. They will receive a share of the rental tax generated from users leasing their Phoenix NFT on the OpenSea Marketplace. This tax will be combined with a portion of OpenSea’s royalty tax and distributed to all BNB Chain Phoenix Ape NFT holders as claimable USDC every 8 hours, further rewarding users for their active participation in holding this exclusive NFT.

◽️ Bypassing the Sigma Exit Rate

  • A crucial component of the Price Stability Model is the Sigma Exit Rate, which restricts token sales from a wallet by considering the user's acquisition or last sale of the token. However, privileged Phoenix Ape NFT holders can enjoy the freedom to sell up to 100% of their xYSL, bYSL, or USDy tokens without being subjected to the Sigma Exit Rate. This exclusive feature grants users ultimate flexibility and control over their YSL.IO native token holdings.