ApeSwap MetaVaults

We're proud to be official graduates of the ApeSwap BUIDL program. As part of the ApeSwap Jungle, we're always looking for ways that we can contribute and help out!
That's why we've developed our ApeSwap Metavaults to have a completely different rehypothecation process to our PancakeSwap and Biswap MetaVaults, whereby our protocol will not be selling any BANANA obtained from ApeSwap MetaVault assets.
So if you're part of the ApeSwap community and are looking for ways to earn incredible APYs on your ApeSwap LPs whilst also helping stabilise the price of BANANA - look no further than our ApeSwap MetaVaults!
Our protocol effectively reduces the supply of BANANA by compounding 100% of rewards harvested from the rehypothecation of assets held within our ApeSwap MetaVaults. In doing so, we are effectively mitigating the potential sell pressure the rewards would have otherwise caused.
But that's not all - participants of our bespoke BANANA vault will benefit from an increase in their Perpetual Ratio every 8 hours. This is because 100% of the BANANA acquired from the rehypothecation of our ApeSwap MetaVaults will be added to our BANANA vault.
We think this is a pretty bananas-way to give back to the community that has given us so much support, and we're incredibly excited about the positive impact our protocol will have on the ApeSwap Jungle!

How does an ApeSwap MetaVault operate?

Our ApeSwap MetaVaults will be identical to our PancakeSwap and Biswap MetaVaults from a users perspective - all participants still earn MetaRewards (USDy) every 8 hours, and both the deposit and withdrawal processes are identical. The only aspect that differs is the underlying rehypothecation process our protocol performs every 8 hours.
Step 1 -> ApeSwap MetaVault APRs are harvested every 8 hours.
Step 2 -> The protocol will collect 100% of the harvested APRs (BANANA tokens) are then deposited into our BANANAS contract to increase its perpetual ratio.
Step 3 -> The protocol will mint USDy MetaRewards for the vaults.
Step 4 -> The minted MetaRewards will be sent to a temporary holding contract until the user decides to harvest.
Please note: The amount of MetaRewards minted for each vault will be dependent on:
  1. 1.
    The current price of USDy.
  2. 2.
    BANANA acquired from the MetaVaults APR.
  3. 3.
    Multiplier Level selected by individual participants.
  4. 4.
    The amount of users that currently hold active Multiplier NFTs for the MetaVaults.