What is BANANAS and its benefits?

Our BANANA vault is a game-changer for BANANA holders. Not only does it provide a unique opportunity to earn BANANA every 8 hours, but it also helps support the ApeSwap ecosystem.
To help reduce the selling pressure of BANANA, we've designed our protocol to auto-compound all BANANA rewards harvested from our ApeSwap MetaVaults into the BANANA vault. In doing so, our protocol is mitigating the potential sell pressure of BANANA. This is a win-win for everyone involved - BANANAS holders can make sizable gains, and the BANANA price can stay healthy.
Here's how it works: Every 8 hours, our protocol harvests the BANANA rewards across all our ApeSwap MetaVaults and compounds them into our BANANA vault.
This process increases the Perpetual Ratio for the vault, meaning that the supply of BANANA in the vault per BANANAS has increased. This, in turn, causes the value of BANANAS to rise, which means that your staked balance of BANANA in the vault has also increased. It's the perfect system for anyone looking to maximize their BANANA.
So, if you're looking for a great place to park your BANANA and support the ApeSwap ecosystem - Look no further than our BANANA vault!

How do I participate in the BANANA vault?

To participate in the BANANA vault, you'll need to deposit BANANA. For every deposit, you'll receive the yield-bearing receipt token for the vault - known as BANANAS.
  • Deposit BANANA -> Receive BANANAS -> Earn every 8 hours as the perpetual ratio increases.
  • The amount of BANANAS tokens that are minted is dependent upon the amount of BANANA you deposit, as well as the current perpetual ratio of the vault.
👉 BANANAS - Deposit Process and Perpetual Ratio
👉 BANANAS - Withdrawal Process (10% Withdrawal Fee)
Please note: the BANANA vault is not a MetaVault, i.e. it will not earn MetaRewards.

How does the BANANAS Perpetual Ratio increase?

  1. 1.
    Every 8 hours -> BANANA acquired from the rehypothecation of ApeSwap MetaVaults will be used to increase the vaults perpetual ratio.
  2. 2.
    Every Withdrawal -> BANANA acquired from the 10% withdrawal fee will be used to increase the vaults perpetual ratio.

The Future of BANANAS

  • Swap your BANANAS for BNB or BUSD via the BANANAS-BNB or BANANAS-BUSD pools -you avoid the 10% withdrawal fee and no BANANA needs to be withdrawn or sold!
We plan to offer a sustainable way for you to exit your BANANAS positions, without removing the underlying BANANA held in the BANANA vault.
Here's how it will work: first, we spin up a BANANAS-BNB and BANANAS-BUSD pool. Second, ApeSwap provides us with BANANA rewards for these pools. These rewards are deposited into our BANANAS contract to mint new BANANAS, which are then redeployed as incentives for users to participate in our BANANAS-BNB and BANANAS-BUSD MetaVaults. In other words, you're rewarded for helping grow the liquidity of our pools.
This additional layer to BANANAS would effectively enable you to sell BANANAS for BNB or BUSD at any time without ever impacting the price of BANANA - and because no BANANA is being withdrawn from the BANANA vault, you'll also be saving on the 10% withdrawal fee.
We believe that this is truly a win-win situation for all parties involved, and we are excited to see what the future holds for BANANAS!