With YSL.IO, you can maximize your ApeSwap, Biswap, or PancakeSwap APR by up to 24,000%.

What are MetaVaults and their benefits?

YSL.IO MetaVaults ushers in a new era of yield farming that is beneficial to all involved.
Our MetaVaults are able to offer advantageous yields for asset holders through a unique asset-utilization algorithm that will empower the growth of Protocol-Owned Liquidity and ensure our ecosystem benefits from continual stimulation through the Quantum Buy-Back that occurs every 8 hours.
Simply deposit your ApeSwap Finance, Biswap or PancakeSwap LP tokens into a corresponding MetaVault on YSL.IO and our protocol will take care of the rest.
  • Every 8 hours our protocol will perform a Quantum Buy-Back and subsequently distribute USDy as MetaRewards to all participants of our MetaVaults ... it's that simple!
  • Most importantly, all MetaRewards will be immediately available for the user to harvest with absolutely Zero Vesting Period!
The best part about our vaults?... for every deposit you'll receive a Tokenized Yield-Bearing Receipt that's guaranteed to increase in value as the vault TVL grows! This is thanks to the revolutionary new concept that we're introducing with our vaults - that we're calling "Perpetual Ratio".
This ratio has been designed to perpetually increase with the vault TVL - which means your staked capital will grow as the vault TVL grows - allowing your assets to not only compound with time but enabling you to earn even more MetaRewards. Put simply, the earlier you stake the more you stand to gain in the long run!
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