BSHARE is a utility token within the ecosystem that is primarily provided as adequation.

What is BSHARE and its benefits?

BSHARE is a utility token that plays a crucial role in facilitating the growth of our ecosystem.
BSHARE will primarily be minted either as adequation when users participate in our MetaVaults or as part of the SuperNova prize every 8 hours. By playing an active role in these two key areas of our protocol, BSHARE not only provides incentives for new user adoption but will also encourage the continued participation of existing users.
First, by providing MetaVault participants with BSHARE adequation, we are not only creating a more sustainable relationship between farmers and our protocol, but are also ensuring constant value is being actively redeployed back into our ecosystem. Second, by being awarded as part of the SuperNova prize, BSHARE will help to encourage users to continue participating in the ecosystem by taking part in the SuperNova Lottery every 8 hours. With the mechanics of BSHARE working in tandem with the rest of the ecosystem, we're able to create a virtuous cycle of value creation that will be essential for the continued growth and development of our ecosystem.
Similar to USDy, our protocol has been specifically designed to generate protocol-owned liquidity for BSHARE at various points of interaction. In other words, unlike many other protocols that purely rely on liquidity mining to grow liquidity for their utility token, BSHARE will be self-sustaining - as more new users utilise our protocol, more protocol-owned liquidity for BSHARE will be generated autonomously!

Salient features of BSHARE include:

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