Protocol Roadmap

A Guide to the Protocol's Upcoming Features!
Our action plan for the launch of the protocol includes releasing key features of our ecosystem in stages rather than all at once. This phased approach will generate excitement and help ensure a smooth rollout of the protocol. Each phase has been carefully planned to build momentum during the launch and give users adequate time to understand the unique aspects of the protocol and evaluate the value of each feature.
The phased approach will also allow users to learn about the protocol's offerings and assess their value. By launching the protocol in this way, we hope to create a sense of excitement and anticipation as each new feature becomes available, while also giving users time to familiarize themselves with the ecosystem and its offerings.

1️⃣ Phase 1 // Focus: Education & Awareness ⚡

2️⃣ Phase 2 // Focus: HydraVaults 🌊

  • HydraVaults
  • USDy AceVault
  • Stake All Function
  • Claim All Function
  • Transfer All Function
  • Price Stability Model
  • Liquidity Propulsion Event
  • USDy Counterfort Mechanism
  • YSL-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap
  • xYSL-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap
  • bYSL-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap
  • USDy-BUSD pool deployed onto ApeSwap
  • YSL.IO Token Contracts (YSL, xYSL and USDy)

3️⃣ Phase 3 // Focus: StableVaults 💎

  • DAI StableVault
  • USDT StableVault
  • BUSD StableVault
  • USDC StableVault

4️⃣ Phase 4 // Focus: AceVaults & NFTs 👑

  • YSL AceVault
  • bYSL AceVault
  • xYSL AceVault
  • Phoenix Ape NFT
  • YSL Airdrop Deployment
  • bYSL Advanced Charting
  • Fiat On-Ramp Integration
  • xYSL Migration Deployment
  • Influencer AMA Campaign: Matt Bills - TBA EAM Crypto - TBA YaBonks - TBA

5️⃣ Phase 5 // Focus: Cross-Chain Aggregation 💰

  • Supported cross-chain networks
BNB Chain

6️⃣ Phase 6 // Focus: AlphaVaults 🔱

  • ETH Vault
  • BNB Vault
  • BTCB Vault

8️⃣ Phase 8 // Focus: YSL.IO Ecosystem Growth 🚀

  • Growth campaigns (Marketing/AdSpend/Partnerships)
  • Second Audit Performed -  CertiK