Audits & Security

All aspects of our protocol have been audited by leading firms to ensure optimal security.

1️⃣ Protocol Audits by Leading Firms

The YSL.IO protocol has been constructed by an experienced team of developers that have accurate knowledge of DeFi projects and their associated specifications, and our technical architecture (contracts, API, front end) has been designed from the floor up for scalability, speed and security using the latest and greatest tech.
But, we have also partnered with industry-leading security firms to perform comprehensive audits of our system architecture and smart contract logic to help identify potential vulnerabilities to reduce the likelihood of any unexpected error.
V2 Audits
V1 Audits

✅ PeckShield - Report Releasing Soon



2️⃣ Multiple Security Safeguards

Security is a top priority at YSL.IO, so in addition to multiple code reviews by leading audit firms - we've also taken a proactive stance on security by ensuring that protocol is well-fortified and resistant to exploits, by developing a robust architecture that incorporates preventative measures across every aspect our protocol.
We believe our comprehensive multi-layered approach to risk management and security will help to mitigate risks at all levels and provide a safe and secure experience for our community. Below you can find a few examples of measures we have put in place.
👉 Security measures implemented across the YSL.IO protocol
Analogies are often used to explain smart contracts, with the simplest example being a vending machine. You insert money, make your selection, and the machine dispenses your product. In this case, the vending machine is the keeper of the contract, it knows how much money you inserted and what product you selected. When the conditions of the contract are met - you've paid the correct amount and made your selection - the vending machine dispenses your product.
Similarly, a smart contract can be thought of as a digital vending machine, that is triggered when specific conditions are met. However, a smart contract is only as good as its ability to communicate with the outside world. While smart contracts can automate many processes, they often rely on an external entity, called a keeper, to trigger on-chain transactions on their behalf once predefined conditions are met.
This is because smart contracts cannot directly access off-chain data such as price feeds. As a result, keepers play an essential role in ensuring that smart contracts can function optimally. With that in mind, we have utilised OpenZeppelin Defender to automate all the contract operations of the YSL.IO protocol. But that's not all, we have also integrated Chainlink Keepers as a failsafe. Plus, we have utilised Tenderly to ensure all protocol functions are being monitored in real-time around the clock. This multi-layered approach will help ensure we achieve optimal levels of responsiveness, security, cost efficiency and decentralisation.