A protocol is only as strong as its ecosystem. That's why we're focused on building a robust protocol that can support a variety of different use cases. Our unique combination of tokens working in concert with various components of the protocol creates a dynamic ecosystem that is focused on Yield, Staking and Liquidity - a proprietary methodology we're calling YSL-Nomics.
Our use of multiple tokens within the protocol allows us to fine-tune the incentives for different actions taken by users, while also providing greater flexibility in how the protocol can be used. By carefully designing each component of the ecosystem we’re able to align the interests of all participants while ensuring the continued creation of protocol-owned liquidity. This will not only help us create a system that is more efficient, but also one that is resilient and sustainable in the long term.
In the following infographic, we provided a high-level overview of how key elements of our ecosystem have been interlinked. However, it's important to keep in mind that not all elements of our ecosystem are represented here in order to simplify.
👉 Key elements shown in the infographic include: