As the governance token for the YSL.IO ecosystem, bYSL will provide holders with voting rights.
Introducing bYSL - our power-packed governance token that not only lets you shape the future of our protocol but also rewards you for it!
With bYSL, you're not just a spectator - you have the power to influence the direction of our ecosystem by voting on proposals. Plus, thanks to its fixed and inelastic supply, you can rest easy knowing your rights won't be diluted as the protocol grows.
But here's the best part - every time bYSL is transferred or sold, a token tax is applied and 2.5% of the transaction is sent directly to bYSL AceVault participants. That means you can sit back, relax, and watch your bYSL holdings grow while earning Virtue-Rewards every 8 hours.
As a bYSL holder, you not only have the opportunity to benefit from its AceVault but also become a part of the decision-making process. And if you have a brilliant idea for a proposal that can shape the future of the protocol, you have the power to make it happen.
So what are you waiting for? If you're ready to be a part of the action and make your voice heard, grab some bYSL today!


What are the benfits of acquiring bYSL?
  • Voting Rights -> Holders of bYSL will be able to vote on proposals.
  • Fixed Inelastic Supply -> The supply will always remain the same.
  • USDy Virtue-Rewards -> Stake bYSL to earn virtue-rewards (USDy) every 8 hours.
  • bYSL AceVault Perpetual Ratio -> 2.5% of every bYSL transfer/sell transaction will be sent as bYSL to the bYSL AceVault, which increases the perpetual ratio and in turn the staked balance of all vault participants.
  • bYSL HydraVault Allocation -> 22.5% of every deposit made into the bYSL HydraVault creates bYSL-USDC treasury-owned liquidity. To create liquidity, bYSL is purchased using 11.25%.
  • Price Stability Model (PSM) -> A state-of-the-art mechanism that has been designed to help stabilise the price of bYSL.
Am I eligible for the bYSL airdrop from V1?
We have allocated an airdrop of bYSL V2 to eligible YSL, sYSL, sYSL-BUSD LP and YSL-BUSD LP holders from V1. The snapshot of eligible balances has already been performed and all addresses that were captured will be able to claim their airdrop allocation of our new governance token for V2 - known as bYSL.

The snapshot only includes eligible YSL V1 & sYSL V1 balances:

  • sYSL and sYSL-BUSD LP -> held before Dec 1st 2021 (11:00:00 pm UTC)
  • YSL and YSL-BUSD LP -> held before Dec 2nd 2021 (7:42:21 am UTC)
The airdrop will occur in Phase 4 of our launch phase.
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