As the governance token for the YSL.IO ecosystem, YSL will provide holders with voting rights.

What is YSL and its benefits?

YSL has been integrated as the protocols governance token, providing holders with voting rights. Not only that, all YSL holders will also benefit from our Quantum Buy-Back which requires our protocol to market buy YSL every 8 hours, so there will be a significant amount of buy pressure for YSL on a daily basis.
But that's not all - every transaction of YSL will be subject to the 15% transaction tax, including when the protocol performs a buy-back every 8 hours. A massive two-thirds (10%) of this tax will be sent as YSL to participants of the YSL AceVault.
In other words, as a participant in the YSL vault, you'll not only earn Virtue-Rewards every 8 hours, but you'd also be earning from every YSL transaction and each Quantum Buy-Back!

Salient features of YSL include: