Our token economy is like no other - it's innovative and has been designed with purpose.
YSL.IO is quite unlike any other protocol or ecosystem currently in existence, unrivalled both in its design and functionality. This is due in large part to the fact that our protocol has been purpose-built from the ground up around a series of tokens, each with its own unique use case(s) and value proposition.
Creating a healthy ecosystem is essential for any project that wants to be successful in the long term. Without a strong foundation for growth, the project will eventually crumble. That's why we've put so much effort into building a robust protocol that can support a variety of different use cases.
Our unique combination of tokens working in concert with various components of the protocol creates a dynamic ecosystem that is focused on Yield, Staking and Liquidity - a proprietary methodology we're calling YSL-Nomics. Plus, with the modular design of our custom-built smart contracts, we're able to roll out new features over time without compromising on security - making our ecosystem both versatile and scalable.
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